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High Voltage Differential Probe Series HORNET®



■ Ideal for switching power supplies,
  IGBTs, Si / SiC power devices

■ ±4000V Input voltage

■ Each with four user selectable Input
  attenuator ranges

■ >300MHz bandwidth

■ High CMRR

■ For tester applications

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High Voltage Differential Probe Series BumbleBee®




■ Ideal for switching power supplies
   & GaN / SiC power devices

■ ±200V, ±400V, ±1000V bis ±2000V    models

■ Each with four user selectable Input
    attenuator ranges

■ 400MHz / 500MHz bandwidth

■ Up to 7m cable length for reaching
   test points far away

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High Voltage Optically-Isolated Probe Series FireFly®


■ Ideal for GaN / SiC high-side
   VGS measurements

■ Best-in-class >1.5GHz bandwidth,
   <300ps rise time

■ Stable over wide temperature range

■ >180dB CMRR from DC to 500kHz,
   80dB at 1GHz

■ ±60kV Common Mode Voltage

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MMCX Probe Series

■ Ideal for Test, Debug, and

   Design Validation

■ Up to >1GHz Bandwidth

■ ±42V Peak, 30V RMS, ±60V DC

   Input Voltage

■ As low as <4pF Input Capacitance

■ Large Variety of Tip Adapters and


■ Universal BNC - Use with any 


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High-Speed Differential Probe Series HSDP



■ >4GHz bandwidth, low noise,
   1MΩ || 0.6pF input​

■ ±8V, ±20V, ±42V models​

■ ±60V common mode voltage​

■ Ideal for debugging and verification
   of serial busses​

■ Up to 7.5m cable length for
   reaching test points far away​

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Environmental Testing: ENVI® Probe


■ 350 MHz bandwidth
■ 300V CAT II, 400V / 1250V pk
■ Temperature range -55°C to +155°C
■ Reliant performance in harsh



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Precision Wide-Band Current Transformers LILCO® Series





■ Bandwidth from 0.004Hz to

■ Input currents from mA up to 25kA

■ Ultra low droop, High I-t capability
■ Very high DC saturation currents

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