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HV Probe for OMICRON Lab Bode 100




■ Input Voltage: 2000 V peak

■ Attenuation Ratio: 100:1

■ Compensation Range: 10-50 pF

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LILCO Wide-band Current Transformer






■ Passive probe for pulsed currents

■ Low frequency or high saturation

■ Ultra low droop
■ High I-t capability
■ Very high DC saturation currents

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AC coupled active probe Sonic 4000 RF






■ 220 Hz to > 4 GHz

■ Dynamic range > ±8 V
■ High input impedance
    < 0.6 pF || 2 MΩ

■ Ideal for 50 Ω measurement
   systems such as spectrum,
   network and RF analyzers
■ Short-circuit prevention

   due to high-impedance

   reference connection

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Environmental Testing: PMK's PHT 312 "ENVI®"




■ 350 MHz, 300 V CAT II
■ Temperature range -55°C to +155°C
■ Reliant performance in harsh



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SMD Probes - SMP Series

■ Passive Probe for 1 MΩ Input
■ Contacts adjacent Pins in
   2.54 mm Pitch
■ Working Voltage max. 30V rms
■ Interchangeable Spring Tips
■ Bandwidth up to 500 MHz

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Fine Pitch Probe







The 120 cm long pair of measuring leads facilitates measurements on IC's; FPP 120 adapts 4 mm Sockets to PMK's 2.5 mm Spring Tips.

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