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■ Passive probe for pulsed currents
■ Low frequency or high saturation devices
■ Ultra low droop
■ High I-t capability
■ Very high DC saturation currents

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Fine Pitch Probe



The 120 cm long pair of measuring leads facilitates measurements on IC's; FPP 120 adapts 4 mm Sockets to PMK's 2.5 mm Spring Tips.

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Environmental Testing: PMK's PHT 312 "ENVI"®

■ 350 MHz, 300 V CAT II
■ Temperature range -55°C to +155°C
■ Reliant performance in harsh environments


The PHT 312 "ENVI®"-Probe is suitable for environmental testing and designed for testing and qualification of Semiconductors in harsh environments. (automotive, military applications)

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BumbleBee® 1000 V Differential Probe


The Differential Probe with

exceptional CMRR is also available with 6 meter cable. Look for our Battery and charger AP-01 as well.

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