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PMK is a family-owned, international manufacturer of high frequency probing solutions and more electrical measurement equipment with development and production sites in headquarters in the Taunus mountains in Bad Soden in the heart of Hesse in Germany. 


With over 30 years of experience, PMK develops and manufactures world-class probing solutions for the latest test and measurement challenges in electronics designs. All PMK branded probes have an universal BNC interface to ensure the re-use of our probes also when the oscilloscope vendor changes in the lab. PMK is also a well-established vendor for probes with the leading oscilloscope manufacturers worldwide.


Beside our probing solutions like the best-in-class high-voltage differential probe series BumbleBee® for latest power electronics measurement challenges like high side VDS measurements, multiple AC/DC current probing solutions, unique probes for higher temperature range from -55°C to +155°C, passive BNC-BNC cable dividers, as well as active and passive voltage probe series with unique connectivity systems, we offer complementary a variety of comfortable probing accessories for most flexible connectivity with high signal fidelity and hands-free positioning solutions for most easy daily use in different applications.


Measurement accessories like measuring leads, adaptors, couplings, terminations, clamps, hooks, test probes, as well as generators for clean fast-edge pulses or precise high voltage or current probe calibration in the own lab complete PMK's portfolio for almost all daily measurement challenges.


Our probing portfolio is complemented with high voltage and AC/DC current probing solutions from IWATSU ELECTRIC Co. LTD, Japan, and very high voltage solutions from ROSS ENGINEERING Corp., USA.


Our passion to the green evolution of electronics, our love in analog circuit designs, and years of experience in inventing new innovative probing solutions make us able to create unique customized probing solutions for any special requirements. If electrically feasible, we make individual solutions possible.


Since 2018 we are DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified. PMK values local supply chains and we support the local economy. Our manufacturing sites are both in Hesse in Sulzbach and Groß Umstadt. The main production and our service center is located in Sulzbach equipped with most precise production equipment for all the hand-manufactured probes and lab accessories. Groß Umstadt site contains our own molding shop including multiple milling machines for most flexible production capabilities.


Our worldwide sales and support network enables our customers from today and tomorrow easy access to our solutions. Since 2022 PMK is also available in local time zones for customers from the Americas with the new PMK America Corporation based in Portland, Oregon, USA. IWATSU Electric Co. Ltd. is our main distribution and service partner for the Asian market.

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Since December 2018 PMK Mess- und Kommunikationstechnik GmbH is

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified



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