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As a developer and manufacturer of high voltage control and measuring devices as well as safety accessories ROSS Engineering Corp has become an invaluable partner of PMK.

We are happy to let you benefit from our international network and make its unsurpassed products available to you. For more information and questions regarding the products shown below, feel free to ask our sales department.

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  • Adjustable Spark Gap
  • Airport Lighting Relays
  • Coaxial Cable Drivers
  • Delayed op/cl Relays
  • ESD Tester
  • Fiber Optic Systems
  • High Current Switches
  • Hi-Z™ High Voltage Voltmeters
  • Hi-Z™ Probes
  • High Voltage Dividers
  • High Voltage Isolated Power
  • High Voltage LowCorona Relays
  • High Voltage Megmeter®


  • High Voltage Probes/Multimeters
  • High Voltage Reed Relays
  • High Voltage Relays
  • High Voltage Rotary Switches
  • High Voltage Safety Accessories
  • High Voltage Test Load Systems
  • High Voltage Vacuum Contactors
  • Solenoids
  • Solenoid Drivers
  • Solenoid-Saver™
  • Step Start Systems
  • Toroids, Spheres & Corona Nuts
  • Voltage Level Sensor

H.V. Current Limiting Resistors

H.V. Dividers

H.V. Relais-Contactors Circuit-Breakers

H.V. Relais-Switches

Handheld Personal Grounding Rod

Fiber Optic Transmission System

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