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The calibration generators for high voltage probes KHT1000C and KHT6000D are used for RF and DC calibration of high voltage probes and dividers, the KHT6000C models for RF calibration only.


In addition to manual operation via the front panel controls, the calibration generators can be operated via the optional remote control unit, or remotely via USB and optional via GPIB interface. When operating remotely, square wave voltage, pulse width, repetition frequency (single pulses possible) and DC output voltage can be set if required.


The KHT 6000 models can optionally be equipped with an interlock control line (2 m) for connection to a closing contact (protective hood). The connection to the instrument is made via a LEMO push-pull connector on the rear of the instrument. The KHT 6000 models generate positive steep-edge output voltages up to 6000V. The KHT 1000D generates DC voltages and steep-edged square-wave voltages up to ±1000V. The output voltage can be either positive or negative, so that both polarities can be tested without changing the probe. The edge steepness is identical for falling and rising edges. The output voltage, which can be switched over in four ranges, is displayed digitally. The output voltage can be fully calibrated and thus meets the requirements of ISO 9000 ff for seamless test equipment monitoring: With low rise and fall times and low overshoot, even fast high-voltage dividers can be evaluated, adjusted and calibrated. 


Models & Specifications

Order numberArticleOutputAccuracyRise time
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894-235-000KHT 1000 D± 100V - 1000V± 0.5% - ±0.1%14 ns
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894-235-ILOCKKHT 1000 D with Interlock± 100V - 1000V± 0.5% - ±0.1%14 ns
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894-600-000KHT 6000 C500 V - 6000 V±0.2%< 45 ns
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894-600-010KHT 6000 D500 V - 6000 V±0.2% 


Order numberArticle
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GPIB-KHT1000GPIB interface for KHT 1000 
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RCU-KHT1000Remote control unit for KHT 1000 
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GPIB-KHT6000GPIB interface for KHT 6000 
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RCU-KHT6000Remote control unit for KHT 6000 
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INTERL-KHT6KInterlock for KHT 6000 

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