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The "FEDGE®" is a fast edge signal generator that provides a square ~32 ps pulse in a USB stick
size. Single button operation allows selection of different operating modes. The -500 mV, 50 Ohm
output signal is very square and flat, without overshoot or undershoot making it perfect for verifying
instrument and probe rise/fall times, as well as verifying signal path rise/fall time and undershoot/
overshoot. PMK also offers an optional 10 GHz power splitter that allows the signal generator to be
used as reflectometer for measuring PCB coupons, cable and PCB trace impedance, verifying cable
crimps, measuring trace and cable lengths, dielectric constant and many other applications.






Default settings (programs)
Program RED Yellow Green Default
1 X     Ground


  X   DC
3 X X   1 kHz square
4     X 10 kHz square
5 X   X 100 kHz square
6   X X 1 MHz square
7 X X X 10 MHz square


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