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The FireFly® high voltage optically isolated probe offers industry leading performance that combines the ability to accurately resolve high bandwidth, small differential signals in the presence of large common mode voltages with its ultra-high common mode rejection performance across its entire bandwidth. With best-in-class > 1.5GHz bandwidth, wide differential input range, unmatched CMRR up to > 180dB (1 billion to 1 rejection), and a 60kV common mode, FireFly® is the ideal measurement solution for both GaN and SiC device characterization and system level design development.​

PMK‘s new optically isolated interface and unique compact angled probe head design (patents pending) are the key attributes that set FireFly® apart from the other solutions in the market, providing very stable and accurate measurements over a wide temperature range and easy access to the measurement points in tight spaces.​

The compact angled probe head design allows for shorter tip cables to be used, resulting in higher signal fidelity measurements and reduced stresses placed on the measurement test point. FireFly®‘s wide selection of probe tip connections and accessories offer reliable, hands-free, high fidelity connectivity to the measurement points. Using industry standard MMCX and square pins connections allow FireFly® to easily interface to test boards that have already been design with these test points. The FireFly® probe head is powered by an easy to change, rechargeable, industry standard 18650 battery that provides continuous operation for up to 30h at room temperature. FireFly® has a universal BNC output connector and is compatible with any oscilloscope with a 50Ω input impedance or 1MΩ input impedance and a 50Ω feed-through termination, allowing FireFly® to be used on any oscilloscope in the lab. For accurate deskew, each probe‘s unique propagation delay is measured and added to each probe label.​

FireFly® can be controlled from the controls located on the interface box or via remote control. The „PMK Probe Control“ software provides the ability for the user to control the probe remotely via a computer, and provides the user with a graphical user interface. The software is free of charge, and included with PMK’s 2ch and 4ch power supplies PS-02 and PS-03, which are required to power the probe. The power supplies all have a USB interface and are available with optional LAN interface. The new 1 channel battery pack power supply AP-01 provides > 8h of portable and isolated operation which allows the user the flexibility of where the probe can be used. The AP-01 supplies power only to the probe with no software remote control.​

ISO17025 calibration upon delivery or as re-calibration is possible on request.​

Models & Specifications

Order numberArticleAttenuationBandwidth (-3 dB)Input VoltageInput ImpedanceRise time
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FF-1500FireFly®, 1,5 GHz, SMA Input 1:1>1.5 GHz±1 V200 kΩ || 6 pF< 300 ps
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FF-MMCX-1VFireFly®, Probe tip cable, MMCX 1:1>1.5 GHz±1 V50 Ω *< 300 ps
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FF-MMCX-10VFireFly®, Probe tip cable, MMCX 10:1>1.3 GHz±10 V2 MΩ || 3 pF< 300 ps
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FF-MMCX-25VFireFly®, Probe tip cable, MMCX 25:1>1,3 GHz±25 VTBD< 300 ps
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FF-MMCX-50VFireFly®, Probe tip cable, MMCX 50:1>1.3 GHz±50 V10 MΩ || 2.5 pF< 300 ps
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coming soon:FireFly®, Probe tip cable 250:1tbd±250 Vtbdtbd
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 500:1tbd±500 Vtbdtbd
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 1000:1tbd±1000 Vtbdtbd
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 2500:1tbd±2500 Vtbdtbd
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More connectivity solutions      
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Power-Over-Fiber adaptor      

Optional Accessories and Calibration

Order numberArticle
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FF-CHARGERCharger for 18650 rechargeable batteries 
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FF-SQ-MMCX5Probe tip adaptor MMCX to 0.025'' (0.635mm) square pins with 0.100'' (2.54mm) space, pack of 5 
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D01003150 Ω BNC feedthrough for use with 1 MΩ scope inputs, 0.5 W 
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FF-KIWIProbe holder Kiwi 
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FF-2FOOTERProbe holder 2-Footer (Bipod) 
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KAL-FFFactory re-calibration with adjustment 
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KAL-DAKKS-FFISO 17025 (re-)calibration 

(*) terminated, 50Ω transmission line

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