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3D Positioners are recieving new Gadgets "TWINHOLDER & TWINADAPTER"



With the TWINHOLDER, PMKs 3D Positioners will be able to hold 4mm Leads as they are used with BumbleBee active probes. Similarly the TWINADAPTER functions as a switch from one M6 thread towards two.

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Environmental Testing: PMK GmbH offers Environmental Probe PHT 312



PMK inroduces a new 10:1 miniature-probe for Oscilloscopes with bandwidths of up to 350 MHz. The PHT 312 "ENVI®"-Probe is suitable for environmental testing and designed for testing and qualification of Semiconductors in harsh environments. (automotive, military applications)

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New in the PMK Family: FPP 120 BAN - Fine Pitch Probe



FPP 120 BAN consists of two 120 cm long Measuring Leads, which adapt 4 mm Sockets to the very fine Spring Tips of PMK's 2.5 mm Probes. In Combination with the IC Contacting System it facilitates measurements at IC's, even with simple tools, such as handheld Multimeters.

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Announcement of Partnership with STACK ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.



We are glad to announce we entered into a partnership for mutual cooperation with


Japans premium manufacturer for test and measurement accessories and RF-Test Solutions.

Both partners agreed to exchange and incorporate technologies as well as partner products into their respective portfolio for distribution to industrial and OEM customers in ASIA as well as EUROPE.

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