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The active probes of the TETRIS® series offer a wide dynamic measurement range of ±8V and up to 2.5GHz bandwidth. With a very high input resistance of 1 MΩ and a low input capacitance of 0.9 pF, TETRIS® series probes are ideal for a wide range of low and high frequency measurements. Individual contacting options, including the unique in-line probing system for multi-contacting adjacent pin connectors in 2.54mm pitch, and the universal BNC connector for measurement instruments with 50Ω input make the active probe TETRIS® series universally applicable in every lab.

⋄ Input Voltage: ±20V
⋄ Input Coupling: 50 Ω AC/DC
⋄ Cable Length: 1.3 m (*)

Models & Specifications

Order numberArticleAttenuationBandwidth (-3 dB)Input ImpedanceDynamic Range
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881-000-INTTetris® 100010:11.0 GHz / 600 MHz (**)1 MΩ / 0.9 pF± 8 V
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881-500-INTTetris® 1500 10:11.5 GHz / 1 GHz (***)1 MΩ / 0.9 pF± 8 V
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882-500-INTTetris® 250010:12.5 GHz / 2 GHz (****)1 MΩ / 0.9 pF± 8 V

Power Supplies

Tetris® active probes are delivered with wide-range power supplies PS-01, including EU, US and UK mains adapter, by default. 


(*) other cable lengths on request

(**) at 500 MHz Oscilloscope
(***) at 1 GHz Oscilloscope
(****) at 2 GHz Oscilloscope


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