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SKID® is a unique platform designed to satisfy all sorts of different demands on PCBA testing and debugging in one single item.
It offers a modular design, wich enables the user to expand the SKID according to his needs.

The frame is available in three versions: SKID S offers a clamping width of at least 160x160 mm, wich fits the 3U standard PCB form factor, SKID M for 6U cards and SKID L with a clamping width of 300 x 340 mm.
Of course smaller boards can be tested as well. The PCBA spacers can be positioned to clamp most
geometrical forms;even inconvenient non-standard shapes, that are usually hard to clamp.
The PCBA resides 10 mm above the frame, offering a better accessibility to the dut and the SKID itself stands on 90 mm pedestals, enabling access from top- and bottom-side simultaneously. Standard M6 threads are all around the frame to mount equipment, such as probe positioners, lamps or other accessories.
Depending on its configuration, SKID can be used for environmental testing in climate chambers for
temperatures of -55 to +150 °C .

Additional accessories can be found in the 3-D Positioner section of our website.

Order numberArticleWidth of Span
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893-500-000SKID S160 x 160 mm
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893-500-STARTSKID-Starter-Kit160 x 160 mm
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893-500-010SKID M160 x 240 mm
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893-500-020SKID L300 x 340 mm

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