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5.0 mm PMK Probes for your daily measurements

PMK‘s standard probes of the PMS, PMT and PMTG series are partly switchable and reach
bandwidths of up to 350 MHz in 10:1 mode.
Probes of the PMS series are mainly used for scopes of up to 60 MHz.
The REED switches we use have a breakdown voltage greater than 4000 V.
Another advantage is their long lifetime with over 500,000 switching cycles.
All probes are available with a standard cable length of 1.2 m as well as 2 and 3 meters.
All PMS probes are sent with BNC connectors by default.

Models & Specifications

Order numberArticleAttenuationBandwidth (-3 dB)Input ImpedanceCompensation RangeRisetime
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820-201-A0EPMS 201A-RO1:125 MHz (**)37 pF + scope 14 ns
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820-211-A01PMS 211A-RO10:1150 MHz10 MΩ / 12.5 pF15 - 40 pF (***)2.4 ns
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820-221-A00PMS 221A1:120 MHz (**)78 pF incl. Scope-18 ns
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10:1150 MHz10 MΩ / 13 pF15 - 40 pF (***)2.4 ns
⋄ Input Coupling: 1 MΩ AC/DC  
⋄ Cable Length: 1.2 m (*)  
⋄ Input Voltage: 1:1 10:1
55 V CAT II 300 V CAT II


(*) other cable lengths on request

(**) at 15 pF Input capacitance

(***) other compensation ranges on request

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