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Power Supplies PS-02/PS-03 with remote control capability

The multi-channel power supplies PS-02 (2ch) / PS-03 (4ch) are the required power source for PMK’s active probes, which have adjustment possibilities but BNC interface for universal with any oscilloscope. 


In combination with the PMK Probe Control software with graphical user interface, the power supply can be used to remote control, monitor and adjust compatible PMK probes via USB or additional optional LAN interface. 

Long lifetime of more than 100,000 hours in 25°C environments and great performance are ensured with its high quality components. In alignment to EN60601-1-2, the internal switch-mode power supplies are tested with 4kV AC transient overvoltage by the manufacturer and fulfill EN 55011 Class B standard for conducted EMI, ensuring highest product safety and keeping the power supplies free from interference even in rough environments, where conventional power supplies might fail. 


The pin assignment of the Lemo output connector with power supply paths and I2C communication can be reviewed in the datasheet.



Battery Pack AP-01

Instead of the lab power supplies PS02/PS03 the battery pack AP-01 supplies active probes for >8 hours and enables their operation without additional power supply at any location, such as in test vehicles, wind turbines and any other portable measurement setups. The battery pack has neither USB nor LAN interface, and connected probes cannot be operated with the „PMK Probe Control" software.


The built-in battery has no ground reference and provides a symmetrical, bipolar supply with virtual ground by its integrated electronics. This ground is connected to the ground potential of the measurement instrument / oscilloscope. The external battery charger is tested in compliance with EN 60335-2-29/ IEC 335-2-29.



Power Supply PS-01

The Power Supply PS-01 is shipped with all PMK Probes of the Tetris® Series.

With its different adapters, it supports 100 - 220 V and is therefore useable in various countries.


Models & Specifications

Order numberArticleInput VoltageOutput Current (max.)NoiseChannelsOutput VoltagePowerImmunity
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889-09V-PS2PS-02 100-240 V AC, 47-63 Hz550 mA /Channel8 mV2± 9 V20 WEN 60601-1-2
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889-09V-PS2-LPS-02-L; LAN 100-240 V AC, 47-63 Hz550 mA /Channel8 mV2± 9 V20 WEN 60601-1-2
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889-09V-PS3PS-03 100-240 V AC, 47-63 Hz550 mA /Channel4 mV4± 9 V40 WEN 60601-1-2
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889-09V-PS3-LPS-03-L; LAN 100-240 V AC, 47-63 Hz550 mA /Channel4 mV4± 9 V40 WEN 60601-1-2
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889-09V-AP01AP-01 (Battery Pack)  700 mA DC 1± 9 V20 W 
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890-520-900Probe connection cable 0.5 m *        
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890-520-915Probe connection cable 1.5 m        

* Included in the Scope of Delivery with any compatible PMK probes.

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