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The compact built of the PML Series with a diameter of 2.5 mm at the Probe Tip facilitates measurements in dense SMD circuits, because of the good visibility of the device under test its small body provides.

The low input capacitance loads the measuring point with only 9.5 pF. Less load is only achieved by active probes.


Especially when measuring signals with fast risetimes the adaptation of the probe towards the measuring point becomes crucial to the results. But long connections add inductions and resonances to the signal, hence falsifying them.

To counter this phenomenon PML probes are shipped with a PCB Adapter and an IC contacting system for probes having a 2.5 mm housing. Find out more.

Models & Specifications

Order numberArticleAttenuationBandwidth (-3 dB)Input ImpedanceRisetimeCable Length
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855-211-001PML 211-RO10:1200 MHz10 MΩ / 10 pF1.4 ns1.3 m (*)
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855-311-001PML 311-RO10:1350 MHz10 MΩ / 10 pF1 ns1.3 m (*)
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855-701-00EPML 701-RO1:138 MHz (**)39 pf + scope9 ns1.3 m (*)
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855-711-A01PML 711A-RO10:1500 MHz10 MΩ / 10 pF700 ps1.3 m (*)
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855-721-004PML 721-RO20:1500 MHz20 MΩ / 5.6 pF700 ps1.4 m (*)
⋄ Input Coupling: 1 MΩ AC/DC  
⋄ Input Voltage: 1:1 10:1/20:1
55 V CAT II 300 V CAT II

(*) other cable lengths on request

(**)  at 15 pF Input Capacitance

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