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A typical use for PKT Cable Dividers is the installation in applications on vibrating equipment like machines and engines, where connection is made from BNC to BNC. Systembandwidths of up to 500 MHz with a typical risetime of 700 ps are easily achieved. PKT Cable Dividers are HF adjustable.

Operating temperature is 0 °C to +50 °C for a standard built.

An optional silicon tube insulates the Cable Divider against higher voltages and the optional reinforced steel strain relief reinforces it against mechanical influences. For further information or questions concerning your application, feel free to contact our sales department.


Models & Specifications

Order numberArticleAttenuationBandwidth (-3 dB)Input ImpedanceRisetimeCable Length
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858-512-A01PKT 512A-RO10:1500 MHz10 MΩ / 10 pF0.7 ns1.2 m
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858-520-A01PKT 520A-RO10:1400 MHz10 MΩ / 13 pF0.9 ns2 m
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858-530-A01PKT 530A-RO10:1280 MHz10 MΩ / 16 pF1.25 ns3 m
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858-920-A02PKT 920A-RO100:1350 MHz50 MΩ / 6 pF1 ns2 m

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