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PHV Series of Probes extend the measuring range of your oscilloscope to probe high voltages safely and easily.

Applications are power supplies and UPS-devices, frequency changers and electrical inverters in power train engineering, semiconductor relays and IGBT's.

Our high voltage probes are suitable to view fastest signal and waveform events e. g. norm pulses in EMC testing or glitches you want to detect.

Models & Specifications

Order numberArticleAttenuationBandwidth (-3 dB)Input VoltageInput ImpedanceRisetimeCable Length
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860-622-A02PHV 1000-RO100:1400 MHz1000 V CAT II50 MΩ / 7.5 pF900 ps2 m (*)
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860-623-A02PHV 1000-3-RO100:1250 MHz1000 V CAT II50 MΩ / 7.5 pF1.4 ns3 m (*)
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86C-622-A02PHV 1000 C-RO100:1400 MHz1000 V CAT II50 MΩ / 7.5 pF900 ps2 m (*)
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86C-623-A02PHV 1000-3 C-RO100:1250 MHz1000 V CAT II50 MΩ / 7.5 pF1.4 ns3 m (*)

⋄ Input Coupling: 1 MΩ AC/DC

⋄ Compensation Range: 10 - 50 pF (**)


(*) other cable lengths on request
(**) other compensation ranges on request


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